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Your beauty problems solved!

Your beauty problems solved!

There’s nothing worse than a beauty emergency without a solution. We all have our favourite beauty tips and tricks, so I thought I’d share just a few of my can’t-live-without fixes for common beauty problems…

Soft and smooth lips

Our lips lack that protective outer layer of skin called the stratum corneum, making them susceptible to dehydration and flaking. For soft smooth lips and to make sure your lipsticks and glosses look flawless, you need to exfoliate your lips. My first technique for this is to take a wet toothbrush and massage your lips gently, in a circular motion. There is no need to scrub too hard; a gentle brushing to rid your lips of any rough skin will work wonders. Afterwards, apply a moisturising lip balm and you are good to go. Another option is to make an exfoliating lip scrub using honey and granulated sugar (coconut oil and olive oil work too). Mix up a small amount and gently massage into your lips to exfoliate, then rinse away and moisturise with lip balm. These beauty problem-solvers work every time.

A fix for cracked powder or eyeshadow

Have you ever purchased a new eyeshadow, blusher, bronzer or face powder and accidently dropped it? It has most likely smashed into small bits and can no longer be used. A makeup artist friend of mine told me a solution for this, and it really works! Just add a small amount of rubbing alcohol (also called surgical spirit) into your powder and mix to create a paste. Flatten the paste with a spoon in its compact, and allow to dry overnight. When you wake up in the morning, it will be as good as new!

Highlight and define

An easy, works-every-time tip for perfect blusher or bronzer is the ‘Magic 3’. It‘ll help you define your cheekbones and highlight your facial features. After you’ve applied your foundation, load up your makeup brush with product. Start on one side of your forehead, right above your temple and trace a backwards number 3 down that side of your face. The middle of the 3 should curve in at the cheekbone to about halfway between your temple and nose. Bring the bottom of the reverse 3 back out to the jawbone and trace down to just below the corner of your mouth. Then repeat the reverse 3 on the other side of your face. The ‘Magic 3’ technique works because is mimics the areas of the face that would naturally be exposed to the sun. If you want to, add a touch of highlighter to your cheekbones and you’re done.

Dewy skin

If your skin is missing that youthful glow and looks more dull than dewy, try adding a pump of your favourite moisturiser to your liquid foundation and apply the way you normally would. The added moisturiser will give your skin that natural dewy look. Simple!

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