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Winter beauty woes

Winter beauty woes

Whatever the season, good skin is the cornerstone of beauty confidence. Good skin may be harder to achieve during the colder months, but it is still possible to look and feel flawless, thanks to these 6 tips on banishing the winter beauty woes…

As the northern half of the world begins to feel a chill in the air, many of us also start to see changes in our skin. In winter, there is less moisture in the air, and indoor heating systems can dehydrate the skin, so it’s important to address these changes via your winter skincare regime to keep skin looking luminous.

Winter skincare rule 1: Stay hydrated

During the warmer months, you automatically drink more fluids. Don’t lessen your water intake just because it’s getting cooler outside! You might not crave a glass of iced water like you would in summer, but room temperature water or a refreshing cup of warm tea will keep you hydrated.

Winter skincare rule 2: Take care of your lips

Chapped lips in winter are a downer; they can be painful when exposed to extreme cold temperatures and make it harder for any cosmetics to stay in place and look good! Protect your lips with a moisturising balm that includes SPF.

Winter skincare rule 3: Wear sunscreen

Cooler temperatures do not mean no UV rays, so don’t forget the SPF just because it’s winter. If you need extra hydration, try moisturising sunscreens or wear sunscreen over your existing moisturiser.

Winter skincare rule 4: Don’t forget your hands

Just like your lips, the skin on your hands is thin and delicate, and can be susceptible to chapping in cold weather. Use hand cream to keep hands moisturised, and reapply throughout cold days. For convenience, carry travel-sized hand cream on-the-go, or keep some at the office, in the car, and in your bag. And don’t forget gloves; when venturing outside, gloves will not only keep you warm, they’ll protect the skin on your hands from cold temperatures too!

Winter skincare rule 5: Choose cosmetics wisely

Ever notice how foundation or blushes don’t apply as well during winter? That’s because skin tends to be drier, leading to flaking and dry patches. In times like these, using a primer will help cosmetics go on more smoothly, and tinted moisturiser will both hydrate and provide a little coverage without drying out your skin. When picking cosmetics during winter, look for moisturising formulas (e.g. cream blushes and liquid foundations).

Winter skincare rule 6: Consider changing products based on season

Your skincare needs may change drastically between seasons, particularly if you live in an area with extreme temperature fluctuations (or between outside and inside air temperatures thanks to central heating). Only you know what feels good on your skin. For example, if your skin is drier in winter, try using moisturising formulas in everything from cleansers to cosmetics.

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