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How to Look and Feel Younger

Tips to help you age with style

Are you worried about aging? 

Here are three common facts about aging, together with tips to help you slow the aging process. We can’t stop the clock but we can slow the process by embracing a healthy, active life!

 Aging concern 1:  loss of bone density

As we age, our bones naturally lose mass – this is especially true for women after menopause. As bones lose calcium and other minerals they can become brittle and more susceptible to breaking. Loss of bone density can also cause postural changes because the spine is less able to support the body.

Active aging solution

Exercise is a great way to maintain healthy bone density, especially exercise that is high impact such as walking, running or jumping. If you keep your joints moving, you’re less likely to experience loss of mobility and joint soreness commonly caused by inactivity.

Aging concern 2:  loss of muscle mass

The medical community refers to the loss of muscle mass that accompanies aging as ‘sarcopenia’ and it’s believed to be caused by a number of factors including hormone, nerve and dietary issues. Over the years, strength starts to decline and muscle tone fades.

Active aging solution

You can help to slow down muscle loss by including a variety of weight and resistance exercises in your fitness routine. Lifting weights or performing weight-bearing exercises will help you to build lean muscle and retain your strength as you age.

Aging concern 3:  hormonal changes

Hormonal changes are a fact of life for both men and women; these changes may be accompanied by weight gain, especially in the mid-section.

Active aging solution

Hormonal changes can be very stressful so it is important to find balance in your life and perform stress-relieving activities. Yoga, meditation or simply engaging in a new activity may help you to deal with the effects of hormonal change.

Written by Samantha Clayton, AFAA, ISSA. Samantha is Director of Fitness Education at Herbalife.

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