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Body confidence: Rules to help you feel good


Let’s talk about how to build all-over body-confidence. Most people (both men and women) battle with low self-esteem and body confidence at some point in their life. Perhaps we wish our skin was clearer or that our stomach was flatter. Body image is often tied to our self-esteem, but there is no reason why we shouldn’t be body-confident! Regardless of what we look like, it’s important to embrace who we are today and let go of the past. Forget the world’s perceptions of beauty, and find confidence from within. And, the best part is, if there is something we are unhappy about  we have the power to change it.

Let’s face it, the things that bother us most are things that no one else would ever notice

However, when we o work on ourselves and we see change, our confidence starts to build. Little things can make a huge impact. Everyone has different concerns, but we all have the power to improve how we view ourselves. Here are few simple rules we can follow to create all over body confidence and improve or self-esteem:

Self-image and self-confidence go hand in hand

• Body confidence rule 1: Be realistic!

It’s okay not to look like you did when you were aged 22. For most of us, looking back at photos of ourselves wearing the fashion trends of the past are a quick path to the thought, "What was I thinking? I look better now!" Whatever the case, let’s admit it once and for all; we really do look better now than we did then!

• Body confidence rule 2: Focus on the positive!

You know that feeling when someone randomly tells you that they like your shoes, or think your hair looks great? Or when someone asks, "Have you been working out?" Think about how you feel in those moments. We all have many positive attributes but sometimes just one, self-perceived, negative overrules the many positives.

Look in the mirror and focus on the good things rather than the bad. Do you have shiny hair, sparkly eyes, beautiful white teeth, toned abs or glowing skin? Compliment yourself on what you love about you each and every day.

• Body confidence rule 3: Change is good.

If you want to change something about yourself, do it sooner rather than later. If it’s your hair, try a new haircut. Worried about your weight? Today is the day to embrace a healthy active lifestyle (and Herbalife may be the answer). The sooner you get started on making a change, the sooner you will start feeling better about yourself!

Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, not on the pages of a fashion magazine. Throw your shoulders back, stand up tall, lift your chin up and smile. Love yourself, love your family and love your friends. Compliment yourself and others everyday and be confident in who you are. Self-confidence exudes positivity. Today is the day to make a change for the better. A positive self-image equals self-confidence!

Written by beauty expert, Jacquie Carter. Jacquie is Director of Outer Nutrition at Herbalife.

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