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Beauty secrets you need to know

Beauty secrets you need to know
We all have beauty secrets – those lesser known beauty tips in the back of our minds that help in a beauty emergency. Today, I’m sharing my top beauty secrets with you!

Torn hems, broken nails, smudged makeup, botched manicure… I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in awkward beauty situations without a solution in sight! It’s in situations like these that I look to my beauty secrets to get out of beauty jams.

When we’re on the go, we need to think quickly and be creative when a beauty mishap occurs. It’s time to think out of the box when a beauty fix is necessary—this is when lesser known beauty tips become handy.

How to remove a deodorant smudge on dark clothes?

Uh oh! A deodorant mark is never a good look, but you don’t need to spend the day feeling self-conscious or change your perfect outfit. Grab a pair of tights and rub them on the mark. The nylon will quickly remove the smudge.

No tights on hand? Never fear, try baby-wipes or dampen the edge of a towel. You don’t want to use anything too wet and you should carefully rub the mark in one direction to remove the deodorant from your clothing.

How to fix smudged eyeliner?

Liquid eyeliner will cause less smudging than pencil eyeliner. Most people either spend years perfecting the skill or never reach for liquid eyeliner because it’s just too difficult to get both eyes to match.

To remedy this and to prevent a beauty mishap before it begins; try lining your lids with pencil eyeliner, and then going over it with liquid or gel eyeliner. The first layer of pencil eyeliner will serve as a guide to applying a liquid liner, and the liquid will cause less smudging in general. Just be sure to take it all off before you go to sleep at night.

If it’s too late and you’ve noticed that your makeup has smudged, then don’t try rubbing with your fingers. Take a cotton bud or, if you’re out, use the very edge of a napkin and wipe just under your lower eyelashes. Using this beauty secret means you won’t ruin your concealer or foundation, but you will create a cleaner line that makes the remaining eye makeup look deliberate and not ruined!

How to make your manicure last longer?

Freshly manicured nails can look amazing, but a chip at the tip of your nail can throw the whole look off in just seconds! As usual prevention is better than cure, so once your manicure is fully dry, go over lightly with another layer of top coat and this time go over the tips to seal the colour to your nail.

If you’re organized, then carrying your nail polish of choice can also fix unexpected nail polish chips. And, if you’re really in a bind choose to get French manicures, because a correction pen or correction tape that can easily be found in an office will do the trick! No one will know the difference from across the room and it will definitely last until you get home.

How to hide a bad hair day, with an elegant topknot!

Ever had a bad hair day that an appliance can’t fix? Try a simple sock bun. The trend of wearing longer hair in a bun has become especially popular in the last couple of years, mainly in part to the sock bun trick. It really is easy, looks elegant and can hide no end of hair woes. You’ll soon have a beautiful and easy top knot that gives you just the right amount of volume.

All you need to do is take an ankle sock, cut off the toe area, and gather it into a doughnut shape. Next, pull your hair into a ponytail and secure with a hair tie. Roll the doughnut shaped sock through to the ends of your hair. Next, gather the pony tail in one hand and roll the ends of your hair around the sock until you reach the start of your ponytail and cover the sock. Secure with some hair pins, press down flyaways with hair spray, and that’s it – you have a simple DIY up do that looks stylish… and hides your bad hair day!

How to emergency repair a torn hem?

Have you ever been out at a social event and suddenly realize you have a torn hem? Don’t worry because there’s a really simple beauty secret that will fix a torn hem in a second. To get the job done, you can use a pin, or my personal favourite; durable tape. Safety pins work well for small tears and will hold your garment together until you can get to a sewing kit or repair shop.

My favourite hem horror solution means I reach for the big guns: strong tape such as duct tape which is a secure fix for larger tears. I’m not embarrassed to say; I once noticed a torn hem as I was heading out the door. Never one to panic, I grabbed some tape, cut enough to go all the way around one half of the leg and pressed it into place. I then had a full day and didn’t once worry about being seen with a trailing hem.

There are also many iron-on hem tapes and even fashion tapes, but, in an emergency, grab what you can – I hear staples can even work as a fast fix. If you have time simply colour them in with permanent pen to camouflage your DIY hem fix.

How to prevent green stains from costume jewellery?

Who doesn’t love costume jewellery? I love large, loud statement cocktail rings that really grab your attention. Unfortunately, some of the coolest rings out there can leave behind bands of green when you take them off. So here’s your solution: before you wear the rings, paint the inside of the ring band with clear nail polish. Let it dry and voila – your fingers will be free from green stains when you wear your costume jewellery. This beauty secret also works on necklaces and bracelets; you just need to seal the metal before wearing.

How to rid your clothes of wrinkles?

A perfectly placed wrinkle on a garment can really ruin an outfit. This is common when traveling and living out of a suitcase. But what can you do when you don’t have an iron handy? Use your hair appliances!

This beauty secret really works! I’ve learned that a flat iron or straighteners can be a quick fix for getting wrinkles out of clothing. This won’t work for every kind of wrinkle, but it can be a quick fix for small ones. Always start with the lowest setting on the flat iron, wipe it clean with a damp cloth to remove any leftover hair products and gently place the wrinkle between the flats of the iron and hold for a second or two. Works like a charm!

How to find the right hair stylist?

Getting a new look or haircut can do wonders for your self-confidence. However, if you go for a radical and sometimes pricey change, you could end up regretting your decision if it leaves you feeling uncomfortable because of unexpected results.

Finding a hair stylist that understands your needs can be a difficult task. You can do your research by asking for a word-of-mouth referrals and reading online or try other services from a new hair stylist before making a radical change. Many hair stylists offer services such as a trim, blow dry, or colour glosses which will give you a chance to see their work before investing in a major and a perhaps costly new haircut or hair colour reviews, but it still won’t guarantee you’ll get your best possible look.

We all need to be prepared for life’s little mishaps. And it’s amazing, and kind of funny, to see what beauty secrets can save us in a quick pinch.

Written by beauty expert, Jacquie Carter. Director of Outer Nutrition at Herbalife.

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