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Healthy Living
Healthy living with Herbalife

A healthy diet and regular physical activity are major factors in promoting and maintaining good health throughout your life.

Discover more about healthy living with Herbalife; start your day with a healthy breakfast, work towards your own personal goals with our Formula 1 shakes in combination with regular snacks and dinner, read the latest nutrition and fitness tips, join a Level 10 Fitness Challenge or a try a new recipe!

Healthy Living Articles

Healthy Living Articles: Read the latest nutrition and fitness tips to help you lead a healthier more active life.

Herbalife Recipes

Recipes: What do you add to yours? Find some great tasting Formula 1 shake recipes as well as other healthy meals to include as part of your daily nutrition.

Check your BMI
Check your BMI

Zkontrolujte si BMI: Spočítejte si index tělesné hmotnosti (body mass index, BMI) a nechte si navrhnout stravovací plán, který vám pomůže dosáhnout vašich cílů.

Core Nutrition
Core Nutrition Wheel
Optimální výživa: Kruh optimální výživy Herbalife: Kruh optimální výživy Herbalife ilustruje, jak produkty Herbalife® zapadají do aktivního a zdravého životního stylu a pomáhají při dosahování cílů.
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